Working with the Board Web Client

This section introduces the basics of working with a Board Web application, using a common Internet browser. The examples of this manual will use Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8, the following browsers are anyway supported :


 Open the browser and type the URL address of your Board Web application. The log-in window opens, prompting username and password.


Click SIGN IN when done.


The Web Welcome Page Prompts out . In this Page you can recognize different areas :

> The Top Board Banner

> The Search Tools

> The  Board Application (Capsule) Desk



The Board Banner

In this Page Area you can :




The Search Tool



The Search Tool facilitates the capsule  finding.


The Capsule Desk

The Body of the Welcome Page lists all the available Capsules. You can recognize two different Objects : Capsule Folders (on the left)  and Capsules (on the right) in the below images.



The Capsules are identified with the Board Icon in the bottom right corner.


If you click on a Capsule Folder the Capsules Desk is refreshed and it shows the content of the Capsule Folder : Capsules or other Capsule Folders. To go back click on the left arrow icon.


If your mouse is over the Capsule Smart Icon (three aligned squared bits in the top left corner)




The Smart Action Menù prompts out. You can then :

> Add the Capsule to your favorites Capsule list

> Expande (+) or Dwarf (-) the Capsule Icon

> Browse the Capsule Screen List

> Visualize Capsule  information

If you click on a Capsule the Capsules opens.