Features not supported in the Web client

Board Web Client supports most features of Board Client for analysis and planning. However there are features of Board Client which are not available when using the client through an Internet browser, many lacking features are in development and will become available in future releases.

Following is a list of the main features which are currently not supported in the Web client,


Design mode. Board Web Client does not allow to create or modify a Capsule, it only allows to open and navigate existing Capsules created with the Windows application Board Client.


Procedures. Board Web Client allows to run procedures which contain server-side actions such as DataFlows and DataReaders. The following client-side actions are supported: Go to Capsule, Go to Screen with the propagation of the Select and Pagers (option Apply Data Selection),  the Show Message action, the Save/Undo data-entry action. To know if a procedure contains actions which are not supported in the Web Client, open the procedure with Board Client: a text message at the top indicates if the procedure contains such non supported actions and a small red icon highlights the actual actions.



Print with paging. It is not possible to print a screen using the Page-by option.


Pictures in a Layout. The Layout blocks containing pictures are not supported.


Substitution formulas. When contained in a mask, substitution formulas are ignored.


Tileview. This container object is not supported and if present on a screen, it is ignored.


Carousel. The Carousel is not supported and if present is viewed as a Folder placing each object of the Carousel in a different tab.


Sorting. Sorting on columns, by clicking on the column header is supported, however if the DataView has alternate rows highlighting, the coloring is not rearranged after sorting.


Chart 3D. Most format options of 3D charts are not supported or rendered differently.


Legend color. In some cases, the color of the legend doesn't correctly follow the colors of the data series.


Logarithmic axis. Not supported.


Markers. Markers rotation is ignored.