Defining the Fiscal Year

Click the Fiscal Year check box then select the starting month of your fiscal year from the months list.

In the description field you can define a format for the entity description, using some text and the variables yy and YY which represent respectively the starting and final calendar years of the fiscal year.

The description cannot exceed 15 characters in length.


Format examples using a calendar range from 2003 to 2005


Format definition

Resulting entity occurrences


06-07 , 07-08 , 08-09 , 09-10

yyyy to YYYYY

2006 to 2007 , 2007 to 2008 , 2008 to 2009 , 2009 to 2010

F.Y. yy-YY

F.Y. 06-07 , F.Y. 06-08 , F.Y. 08-09 , F.Y. 09-10


Important note:

When fiscal year is enabled, only three custom time entities can be used instead of four.


When Fiscal Year is defined, users can apply the Yearly Cumulated Value function either based on the Fiscal Year or on the standard calendar year as desired (a selection check-box automatically appears next to the Yearly Cumulated Value function).