Procedure Trigger on Dataview

The DataView Trigger is a property of the DataView object which allows to trigger execution of a Procedure when the user saves data through manual data entry. This feature allows for example to trigger, as the user saves data in an InfoCube, the calculation of another derived InfoCube. For example, recalculate the Forecast Amount cube as the Forecast Quantity is changed.

To set a Trigger on a Dataview,



The following option can be applied


Disable layout refresh. Disables the automatic refresh of the screen objects after the save is performed. Note: if you enable this option remember to include a Refresh Screen action in the procedure triggered by the pager in order to view updated data.



This feature can only be applied if data-entry is enabled on the Dataview object.


The execution of the procedure is limited to the rows where data has been saved or changed.