Board version 7.3.2 Release Notes

Upgrade instructions

Board Client version 7.3.2 can connect to a server running Board Server 7.3.2 only, it is therefore required to update all Board Client and Office Add-in installations.

Capsules and databases created or modified with version 7.3.2 cannot be re-opened with version 7.3.1 (or prior).

Refer to the following pages for the list of new features and changes of version 7.3.2.

Known limitations

- Printing to PDF multiple identical objects generates only the first object.

- The Selector object in the web client loses multiple selections made by the user when reopened to increment the list of selected members.

- Dynawrite does not resize or scroll properly in web client if it contains a large text.

New features, Bug fixes and other minor changes

Board Client

- Boradcasting to MS-Word and PowerPoint didn't correctly set the selection in some cases it could inherit the selection of the prior document.

- The resolution of the print-hard copy has been increased (600pdi) when printing and exporting to Word. It remains unchanged when exporting as image to PDF and PPT .

- An error occurring when printing twice a panel with the option Print as single object has been resolved.

- DataView. Clicking on the column header to sort a Dataview now sorts also groups and not only detail rows.

- An error occurring in the Procedures environment after changing the name of the database and provoking the procedure name to be duplicated has been resolved.

- An error of the Book object that could occur on capsules created with version 7.2.1 and causing the page to become white has been resolved.

- DataView drill-down. It is now possible to disable the Down-totals option on the Layout of a Drill-down window and save this setting.

- The Label object now supports automatic text wrapping when a Layout is configured on the object.

- Dataview. An error occurring when attempting to drill-down on a grouping level of a dataview having three or more entities by row has been fixed.

- Export to Excel with Exclude. An error of the export to Excel function occurring when exporting a screen containing an Exclude has been fixed.

- An error of the Broadcast to Excel function occurring when exporting a screen with a Master and a select on the same Tree has been resolved.

- An error of the Export to Excel occurring when attempting to export a Dataview having a column with a date range has been fixed.

- An error of the ATO pager occurring on a screen having a folder container with several Dataviews has been resolved.

Board Web Client


The follwing print errors have been fixed:



It is now possible to install Board Office Add-in on Office 64-bit edition.