System Administration
  • 13 Jun 2024
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System Administration

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The System Administration section of Board is dedicated to the administrators of a single Platform.

From the administration area, a user with the necessary permissions can manage and view users, security profiles, licenses, the graphical theme of the Platform, and much more.

Access to the System Administration section depends on your User license and Role: only users with a Developer license and an appropriate security profile can see and access the System Administration section. Cloud-based customers using Board Subscription Hub have a slightly different set of tools in the System Administration section, since all User management tasks and other administrative aspects are handled by the Subscription Hub.

Under Users & Security (or Security if a platform is not associated with a Subscription Hub), it is possible to define User authorizations regarding folder access, Capsules access and editing, and Data model access and editing. You can also manage Users and, in case a Subscription Hub is associated with the platform, access it right away.

Under Monitoring, it is possible to review user activities, see which tasks are currently running (such as Dataflows, Data readers, Layout executions, and more), and configure system logs. Platforms not associated with a Subscription Hub will also show details about the main Board license, users' licenses, and which additional features are enabled.

Under Administration, it is possible to manage the Broadcasting function, which allows a Board Presentation to be sent via e-mail to a list of recipients on a scheduled basis, the configuration of Data sources for Data models, the translation of text strings according to selected languages, the definition of visual elements in the user interface, the uploading of taxonomies for iXBRL reports, and the configuration of the internal search engine of Board.

Under Transporter, it is possible to take Data model Snapshots in order to compare them and apply metadata changes from a source Data model to a target Data model. Entities, Cubes, and Relationships can be transferred but not the actual data. It is also possible to execute this process via Windows PowerShell, command line, or Unix shell.

The System Administration section of a Cloud-based Board 14 Platform associated with a Subscription Hub

The System Administration section of BOARD with the Subscription Hub

The System Administration section of a Board 14 Platform not associated with a Subscription Hub

The System Administration section of BOARD with no Subscription Hub

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