What's new in the Board 14.1 release?
  • 10 Jul 2024
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What's new in the Board 14.1 release?

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The new Board 14.1 release includes significant improvements for both developers, administrators, and end users in addition to a completely new, enhanced user interface. Board 14 introduces the new Flex Grid Object, a powerful Object which gives end users more independent pivoting capabilities. The most noticeable change immediately upon using the new version is the look and feel. With an intuitive design, Board 14 provides more visibility of features strategically placed for better and quicker navigation. In addition to the look, enhanced features to support end users have been implemented, like embedded search and Tooltips for every action. Makers configure Screens more easily and faster, while end users have more intuitive interactions with the most common end-user functionalities like Quick Layout, selection, and other Object options. Global features like right-click options and improved messages enhance usability for all users.

What to expect in the new Board 14.1 release

Consistent and consolidated UI experience

  • Reviewed Design framework components with a coherent style and predictable behavior

  • Redesigned form elements (inputs, checkboxes, radio buttons, sliders, switches, etc.)

  • Improved UI components: Buttons/Toggles, Loaders/Spinners, Chips & Badges, and Board tiles (Capsule, Presentations, Data model, System administration)

  • Screen Objects and other elements:

    • Consistent styles

    • Common and predictable interactions

    • Improved readability of the content

    • Hierarchical view display of elements where applicable

    • Application of colors standardized

    • Introduction of Breadcrumbs navigation

More support for end users

  • Embedded search

  • Advanced dropdown

  • Right-click support

  • Improved messages (positive confirmation, alert, errors)

  • Tooltip on every action

  • Expanded Keyboard shortcuts

Improved performance and visualization

  • Modern framework enhances security and simplifies updates

  • Bundle loading modules have better performance and a more efficient execution

  • Reactive programming paradigm boosts performance and performs a smoother and more responsive UI

  • Client-side execution allows the exploit of browser execution power and optimizes the exchange between client/server

  • Completely rewritten data transfer for Objects allows a lighter and faster communication between client/server

Main new features of Board 14.1

We are thrilled to announce that the upcoming Board version will showcase an enhanced user interface, designed to improve the capabilities from visibility to faster feature access and more control capabilities.

Enhanced UI and improved features

  • The new Layout Editor. The improved Layout Editor is more intuitive to navigate. It provides more advanced configuration settings, for example in the Quick Layout section, and better visualization of settings available. The improvements were designed to make configuring a Layout faster and easier

  • Right-click. Available in all global pages (Capsules, Data model, System, Procedure editor, etc.), makers can quickly access menu options and the toolbar

  • Screen design. Makers and end users can quickly switch between Design and Play mode and can do so with a Selection continuously applied rather than being reset. Enjoy faster development and easier debugging with the new Screen design features

  • Masks. When editing a Mask, makers can now quickly assign it to multiple Screens simultaneously and directly in the Screen they are working on

  • Quick Layout. Customize the end user controls in more detail when they interact with a Data View to guide them as to which data configurations they can display

  • Sliding and Properties panels. The Layers section now allows the selection of multiple Objects to rearrange them within the Layer list as well as in the Screen all together as before and to change their positions with the options of "bring to front" and "bring to back". While the “Properties Search” feature allows the ability to easily find properties also in more complex Objects

  • Back-end updates. Key elements such as Cubes, Entities, Procedures, Data readers and Drill through have all been improved to enhance usability with quicker developments, faster troubleshooting, and an easier navigable design

  • System administration. Admins and Makers can assign roles, view folder security, and deliver Broadcasting more easily. The Themes section has a new “Custom Links” are and an instant preview to visualize customizations.

The new Flex Grid Object

The new Flex Grid Object is a new way of interacting with Board data in a highly-performant, self-service manner. With dynamic capabilities, this powerful feature allows key benefits such as:

  • Performance. The Flex Grid is a powerful tool with improved performance capabilities. End users and developers can leverage large data volumes with more Entities set by Row or by Column. Now, access and display of large amounts of data is faster and easier. The new object also optimizes how the data is retrieved, improving the user experience, responsiveness of the object, and performance in highly concurrent environments.

  • Empowers end users. With the new Flex Grid Object, the end user has many more capabilities than before. With advanced ad-hoc reporting, the end user can calculate data they need on the fly without restraint. With more self-service capabilities, the end user is free to pivot data without breaking the dataset logic. And when displaying data, the end user now has more control over how they view that data with improved display options like grouping data, sorting data, filtering data, collapsing axes, and more.

The new Dynamic Engine

We have made significant improvements to the capabilities of the Board Engine, specifically in the areas of memory management, performance optimization, and data on-disk reliability. These enhancements will allow our customers to scale more efficiently and handle larger, more complex applications. Read more about the new Dynamic Engine
Some improved highlights are:

  • Data reader optimization

  • Reduction of transient memory consumption

More important enhancements

In addition to the three main features, Board 14 has numerous other enhancements to look forward to. Some of these improvements include:

  • Excel Add-in improvements

    • Formatting (export management)

    • Ribbon icons (management)

    • Connect & refresh options

    • Filters (Improved Pagers & Selection window)

    • BCUBE_K (BCUBE responsive to active selection)

    • General performance optimizations

  • Cognitive Space, InRam flag, and Fast track are no longer available with the release of Board 14.1

    Read about other enhancements in Board 14.1

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