Database Utilities

Backup/Restore functions

A native backup function allows to make a full Backup of your database while the server is running. This backup function creates a snapshot of the database by making a safe copy of the database files into a backup directory. This native backup function should now be used for making your backups as it grants consistency of the database: if any update operation is in progress, the backup function waits for the ongoing update process to commit and then makes a copy of the database files while preventing other update operations from taking place. When this backup is executed, the database is automatically exclusively locked for updates and is automatically released at the end of the operation.


Please refer to Making a backup copy of a database section for details



Unload database from memory

Whenever a database is accessed by a user, it is loaded in memory (even in case you use Hybrid mode, the data dictionary and other meta-data is loaded in memory).  The database is then retained in memory, even after the user's request has been executed, until the Board service is stopped. It is possible to know which databases are currently opened by the Board server by going to the Log window, a new tab named Pending Changes shows the list of databases currently open as illustrated in the following picture.




To release a database from the server's memory, use the Unload database function: click the Utilities icon located in the ribbon bar then select Unload to unload the selected database or select Unload All Databases to close all active databases.